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Southern California’s go-to firm for escrow geologic evaluations

We Have One Goal

To provide the highest quality, in depth geologic evaluations and reports to assist homebuyers with the purchase of their home

Who We Are

Grover Geology specializes in performing prior-to-purchase geologic evaluations for home buyers in Southern California.

The purpose of an escrow geologic evaluation is to educate the buyer about geologic conditions that may influence the present and future performance of the property and existing structures. Included in our fee is a visual assessment of the property, which includes an inspection of the interior and exterior of the home in addition to a traverse of the grounds.  At this time, our clients and/or their representatives will receive a verbal overview. Upon completion of our site visit and research of all available geotechnical documents and permits, a detailed written report is produced for the client.

Grover Geology is a family owned business that takes pride in working with every client from start to finish. David Grover, Principal Geologist, is a California Registered Geologist (R.G. 3662) and also a State Certified Engineering Geologist (E.G. 1095). He began his career in 1972 in the laboratory at Kovacs-Byer and Associates. After graduating from UCLA in 1975, Dave worked as a geologist at Kovacs-Byer until starting Kovacs-Byer-Grover in 1981. The firm became Grover and Associates in 1984. Bob Hollingsworth joined the firm in 1988 as the Principal Geotechnical Engineer. The company became Grover-Hollingsworth and Associates, known as one of the top geotechnical firms in Southern California. Dave retired from the firm at the end of 2016 and started Grover Geology, Inc. along with his daughter Shannon, focusing exclusively on providing geologic consultation to Southern California homebuyers.

Shannon Grover is the first point of contact at the firm. She is responsible for preparing proposal letters and agreements for our client’s consideration, overseeing report production and review during all phases, and managing geotechnical research. With over a decade of experience working in the geologic/geotechnical world, Shannon would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the prospect of working with our firm.

Our Team

Dave Grover

Dave Grover

Grover Geology's Principal Geologist
RG 3662, EG 1095
(818) 851-9517​

Shannon Grover

Shannon Grover

Office Manager
(818) 851-9517​